Why You Should Tip Your Hotel Staff

Once you check in any lodging or hotel, one of the most important etiquettes should be tipping the staff. Why should you tip them you may ask?

In most scenarios tipping can be confusing. It suddenly is not just about giving a note but it starts to get more complicated. How much you should tip, is it worth tipping, am I bribing this person, and is this morally qualified are thoughts that cloud above your head. While most of the customers tip the staff, some refrain from tipping with reasons such as that they get paid for what they do. While that statement remains controversial, motel owners for instance, encourage the lodgers to tip their staff as motel accommodation is hard, and the housekeepers and other staff make it look much easier and shiny, that they deserve some personal attention and subtle appreciation from who they serve.

But while this is so, another issue is how disproportionate tipping can get. When the pretty waitress gets larger tips, and others receive smaller amounts, it can be demotivating and of course, frustrating. It is now said that tipping does not value the hard work in cleaning and scrubbing, but mostly based on looks and plastic smiles. Maybe this is why some restaurants have a strict policy against tipping and why Japanese take tipping as an offence (way to go Japan!).

When accommodation is considered, it is made sure that housekeeping is happening in invisibility to preserve hospitality. They might not make any grand appearance but are the mighty forces behind the snow white sheets, glowing baths, and other luxuries you experience. If you think about this sipping that cocktail you were served, you sure won’t forget to tip them the next time to stay in one! Click here for more info on accommodation from Highgate Hill.

Actually think about tipping; would you want to scrub plates, clean sheets and serve liquor to complete strangers without any gratitude shown? The doormen, maids and waiters play a vital role in making your stay a pleasant one. They personally attend to your needs, clean your sheets, carry your luggage and serve to make you comfortable and happy. So why not give them a few extra dollars to keep them motivated and also happy? Also remember the golden rule, serve with a smile!

Tipping applies across multiple industries and should be carefully considered. Some people tend to only tip personnel at establishments they frequent so that they will get better service when they visit the next time. Adopt a policy that works with you.