How To Take Care Of Your Boss’s Dog?

Your boss has just informed you that he has to go overseas in a hurry and that he has to find suitable boarding for his dog. You have to now find boarding facilities within a short period of time and also a suitable place when your boss’s dog will get well looked after. You ask your colleagues for suggestions and one of them tells you of a place close to her home that provides all facilities needed for any type of dog. She tells you that the animals are taken care of well and that they accept any type of dog irrespective of the breed.

Detailed brochure

Your colleague tells you that she typed search online for pet friendly accommodation South Coast NSW and found this unique place for canine boarding. The two of you visit the place and are given a brochure with all the details you require. You are amazed at the services provided by the company and get back to the office and inform your boss who is more than happy to register with the company and have his dog boarded. This company also has a special service where they will come and pick up your dog from your house and even have the animal dropped off once you return. Your boss is happy that he has found a reliable and efficient place where he can keep his pet pooch for a few days.

Extra time

Among the other service offered at the pet friendly accommodation are the play time for dogs, walks on the beach, regular exercise, grooming and a good meal to keep him healthy and fit. The staff devotes extra time to play with dogs that are playful and ensure that the animals are stress free at all times. If your dog is on medication the experienced staff will make sure that he gets his tablets on time. All boarding facilities will have options and you can choose what is most suitable for your canine and of course depending on your budget. Before taking your boss’s dog to the boarding facility you have to give all details to the company so that they can find suitable space to keep your canine. See this page if you are looking for perfect pet friendly accommodation.

Budgetary rates

Even if you have to settle for budgetary rates no need to worry as the experienced staff will not compromise on your canine just because you have chosen a budgetary package. All reputed companies will give their animals 100% care and attention. So get down to the company of your choice and register with them immediately so that your boss can enjoy his overseas trip with no worry

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