How To Choose Between A Hotel and a Resort?


With most holiday destinations offering a wide choice of resorts and hotels, one is often stymied about which accommodation would be ideal for one. Often, it is hard to make out any difference between the two kinds of properties. However, by definition, resorts and hotels do differ in their choice of locations, amenities and activities offered. Usually resorts are spread out wider expanse of land. Hotels occupy less space or land. Resorts have more outdoor activities to offer the guests. There are different kinds of discount deals and associated activities that are offered by resorts as compared to hotel deals.
What kind of travel you are in?
If you are traveling for leisure, you might want to book yourself at a resort with accommodation cottages. If you are traveling with family, this would make sense even more. Most resorts have outdoor play areas as well as outdoor swimming pools, depending on their location. Hence, kids are prone to enjoy resort facilities more than the enclosed spaces of any hotel. On the other hand, for business trips being at a hotel that is close to the office or conference venue would make sense.
Time you spend in the facility
If you have a busy trip at a location and have several sightseeing tours to embark upon or people visit, you might save money and put up at a budget hotel. Resorts are usually more expensive as these offer more amenities and facilities. If you are looking to relax and spend time at the facility, opt for a resort with King Island accommodation cottages. That will allow you to enjoy outdoors, opt for spa facilities and more.
Proximity to other places
Usually resorts are located in remote places, away from busy city areas. Hence, if you are looking to unwind, you would want to book yourself at a hotel away from city life. If you are looking to travel for work purposes and will have little time to relax, it would be best to book yourself in a hotel which will have you conveniently located near your office or other places you need to travel to.
Duration of stay
If you are looking to spend a long weekend or a week for a relaxing stay, opt for a resort stay. It will help you make the most of your stay with different features and amenities. On the other hand, for quick business trips it will not make sense to book you at a resort that is far away from the city. It would incur more expenses in traveling and you would spend more for facilities that you might not have time to enjoy. These are ways you can decide on whether to stay at a hotel or a resort