Monthly Archive: September 2016

Design Ideas And Tips For Conference Rooms

You might be working at a company looking at developing their very own conference room. You will have to think about whether you will want it in a formal or informal setting too. The room can be used to brainstorm or even sort out ideas you might have. You can use it for long lunch breaks or even for strategic planning sessions too. It can even be used for different types of social settings and functions like planning a birthday party or event too. Here are some design ideas and tips for you to think about:

It is important whether you are looking at hotels with conference rooms or not for you to think about how many people you want to host. You must think about the dimension of the space carefully as you can. Some areas or spaces can appear to look cramped or even claustrophobic. You will have to think about ways as to how you can design the space carefully as you can. You can even try to break the groups into units so that you can host different meetings in different areas of the room. If you do not have enough chairs in the space it can make the area appear more cramped and out of place too. This can result in people sitting too close to each other with their elbows touching.

You must think about the image of the firm and the people attending the conference. You can invite several people to participate through video conferencing too. The décor as well as the design of the room can influence the way the others will look at your company. If you want to be known as a firm which lays cutting edge decisions and one which takes charge in any situation then you must have different types of décor in bold as well as subtle colors in your conference area. Look into the styles of tables and chairs too.

You must also think about the overall efficiency of the area and as to how many people you do have in the space. You can try to install a phone which will have several ports in one space or room. You can even include laptops as well as printers to the space if you have many different individuals who will be getting together to sort out different types of design issues or even problems too. Do not forget to think about the audio as well as visual elements which must be portable. Try to include different markers as well as felt pens if your partners are planning on drawing on the screen too. If you are hosting out of state or country look for hotels with conference rooms which are designed well.

Do not forget that you must add food items to the table area. You can add different cabinets which will have different types of drinks and food items. You can even include dishes and glassware. You must try to place a small refrigerator in the area so that you can have chilled drink items like wine, champagne and even beer for your guests. It is important for you to keep your guests happy before and after the meeting is over! Check here for best buffet in Bangkok.